The legendary 85 Supra that went through many audio builds and won awards for both sound quality and SPL. Its been brought up several times that it was not possible. But with a high power alternator, many quality speakers and powerful amps you can hit 150 in a hatchback. with 2 15s, 1 18 and 4 12s at the Norfolk show I popped the louvers off the car and had a fun ride home trying to keep them on the car.

Then there was the 89 and things changed. I found MB Quart and JL Audio. This car was so much fun to drive and had great acoustics. I ran 2 sets of 6/5 3 way Quart speakers in the doors and a set of 2-way 6.5s in the rear side panels. I tried 15’s but did not like them and Orion XTR. But 3 JLw6s hit perfectly with an a1200.2

Now I am building and working on my 91. It has been different with this car as I focused on the car itself more. I put springs and a 4 inch exhaust on it. I replaced the turbo with a 57 trim and other upgrades such and led dash lights and a new type of sound dampening.