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A Portfolio of my past projects.

I have worked in several fields over the years. My goal was to achieve an IT career. However I have worked and learned many things over the years. Take a moment and look at these projects.

I worked for Titan Corporation on a shipping system for the United States Post Office. We created workstations and a Central Server System. It was a very involved project that began with planning and constructing the system and then doing extensive testing.

Pictures of the Post Office Project


I worked for Beta Tech as an Instructor in its Networking Department. After a short time I had proven myself to be very capable and knowledgeable in my field. They promoted me to Network Coordinator and I ran the NT Program along with meeting all of the schools IT needs. Over the years I deployed new servers and workstations ranging from Windows 98 to Windows XP. We moved the school in 2003 and I was solely responsible for the Network transfer. I set up the classrooms and coordinated with the different outside vendors to make sure that the move was smooth. We have 5 servers on site using 2000 server and 2003 Enterprise Server with over 100 workstations for the students to use. I also went on my own and acquired machines for the students to work on in the hardware classes. I still support the schools Server and IT needs.

Pictures of Beta Tech Systems and Servers


After Beta Tech/Centura, I worked for a government logistics company. I did a lot for them IT wise from getting them off of peer to peer networking to a server based network to designing their web site and outside signage. It was a great job and opportunity to learn. Seeing what happens when people try to be IT experts with very little knowledge can have a lot of bad repercussions. Little things shutting down the Kazaa user to consolidating the emails from multiple providers to our server/website providers. Getting all of the files on to the server so that they could be backed up centrally along with a central user policy proved to be a monumental task. No one wanted to be limited or tracked. That changed with the 2003 SBS network and the firewall.

A major take away from this job was that when you have a site move, you MUST have your DSL, T1 or whatever device you need to do business installed BEFORE the changeover. Letting someone try to save money by turning it on during the move is not a great thing in the country. It took Verizon an extra 30 days just to get the phone lines installed. They lied about any data access being present. Good thing we had a Cable provider option.

The nicest thing to see is a network running even better as it grows. This one had extra abilities from day 1. We pre-wired the other side of the building for future use and it turned out that after I left there was an expansion that filled the area and there were no issues getting new equipment installed.


Pictures of the installed network equipment completed by me.






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