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My 91 Turbo Supra

My 91 was purchased from a guy in Pennsylvania. He claimed it was garage kept and well cared for. Near as I can tell it was in a field. Or a shed or barn. Note the different size tires. Not one tire on the car is the same brand or size. PT turbo did the rebuild in March so that is finally finished. I can say Priority Toyota is NOT the place to go if you like your car returned the way you dropped it off or want it fixed completely. I dropped off the car with a clean engine with new vacuum (red) hoses and SSV kit... I got the car back nasty as hell and (headgasket rebuild) a serious oil leak that Im still trying to fix myself. They claimed it was the turbo but ooops turbo was clean... Its looking like they screwed up my oil line gaskets... What can you do but spread the word... Car didnt idle right, leaked oil and shifted bad after the 'trans flush that still had dirty fluid'??????

My work is cut out for me.

So far she has Iridium Plugs, K&N FIPK, HKS SSV Blow-off valve, BIC Downpipe, 57 trim Turbo, Apex-i Boost Controller, Tokico Illumina II's, Eiback Springs, Borbet Rims, 3 inch Tanabe Super Medallion Stainless exhaust, 3 inch High Flow Titan Motorsports Catalytic Converter, JDM Marker covers, Cusco Strut tower bar,  Castrol Syntec and 4 new tires ready to get her going.... Im still working on the interior as the leather is getting changed to cloth.

An odd thing happened to the 'Ceramic Coating' on my BIC Downpipe. It changed to a milky color and then began flaking off and rusting. Pictures are on this page: BIC after 2 years.




My baby arrives home... Note the different size and branded tires

I had to pull the turbo off as Priority Toyota claimed it was the source of the oil leak

So many parts to replace

The BIC ceramic coated downpipe.. What a difference it makes!

You have to admire the size of that hose clamp

The 57 trim CT26 Turbo arrives rebuilt and ready from Performance Turbo..

Its so clean I hate to mount it

They even called about the small crack in the exhaust port

57 trim goodness

The first attempt at Braided oil lines from MDC (they didnt fit)

A close up of why they didnt fit

The lines in the bottom of the turbo

Autometer Boost guage and Apexi AVC-r Boost Controller

What a difference! She runs great

Some polishing and more to go...

K&N, HKS and the Apexi controller

God I love the Tanabe exhaust on this car

These go away for Eibach Pro Kit Springs

Wow these old TEMS struts wont even extend on their own!!

Yup these are worn out

Damn they are finished!!

She looks MUCH better today!











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