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My 89 Turbo Supra

This car met an untimely demise during an ice storm in 1998. I was unable to contact my job and they were unable to contact me to inform me that they were closing due to several factors. The first being that my little brother was addicted to the internet and could not keep the line that I was paying for clear.  The even better factor was the Ethyl management's decision to not call employees off until 30 minutes before the shift started. Most of us tend to leave early when there is bad weather. Some of us also lived 45 minutes away on a normal day. I was already in the accident when the message was left on my voicemail that I totaled my car for no good reason. There is no words to describe the anger at such non-management. I left that job after college graduation and never looked back what a lame place to work.

The real story is the truck driver and the city of Richmond VA. They did not salt the roads AT ALL that night and of course Mr. Postal truck driver wasn't concerned with that. I was traveling at 15-20mph on North I-95 and I saw this truck enter the on ramp. Bear in mind I was on the highway traveling at a max speed of 20 (ZR tires suck in ice/snow). Mr. Postal Truck driver caught up to and hit me in less than 75 yards upon entering the highway. He hit my car several times and dragged it under his trailer against the guard rail for quite a distance. The officer that finally arrived didn't really talk to me and neither did the driver. The driver was busy doing his log book in the truck as he didn't get out to check on me. Sadly I crawled out of my window and checked on HIM! The officer gave me the ticket that night.

The judge bless her heart even though the city could not have been bothered to maintain its own roads happily charged me 50$ for getting in the way of that postal truck. Even with all the pictures she believed the driver that he was only going 20mph when he hit my car!!! Even better when I asked why the ticket could not be dropped she stated "Someone has to pay". Yes Virginia someone had to pay. My insurance company paid for my car and paid the post office near 30,000$ in damages to the tractor trailer! That's one tough Supra!! I walked away with no scratch just no car and a lighter wallet.

My Supra had a lot of upgrades... Upgraded Turbo, HKS Dragger Exhaust, HKS Super Powerflow air intake, Optima batteries (front and rear), NGK Plugs and Wires and a few other mods...

Stereo wise she was a pounder: 1 A1200 PPI amp, 1 A600 PPI amp, 3 JL 12w6's, 4 Quart 6.5s, 2 4 inch mids, 4 quart pro tweeters running through a double din Alpine 3disk in dash changer deck. I had 2 audiocontrol units to make it sound even better at competitions... I also protected her with a Viper Alarm system. All the install work was done by me. I was very proud of this install and it did well at shows.

Check out pictures of the poor car with only 47 days on a brand new paint job!



Not a Blemish on the body... Such a sweet ride

3 months of preppin the body.. New seals and all

3 JL 12w6s, an A1200, A600 and Audiocontrol EQX and EQT along with a rear Optima Battery fill the trunk well

There are 2 6.5s in each door along with 2 4 inch mids and 2 1 inch tweeters along with the Quart Pro Crossovers

The car waiting after work

This is where he first 'clipped' the car and spun me around

Nothing like a full broad side from an 18 wheeler

Yes he hit my supra and dragged me down the highway

At least 50 yards hooked on his landing gear

He kept shrinking the car

Yup he was "only doing 20 miles per hour"

Thats the guard rail from him yanking the wheel to the right

The custom door panels I created for 6.5s and crossovers

Even the interior is blown away

Yep 50 yards of guard rail is great on a paint job!






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